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3 More Trusts Placed in Financial Special Measures

NHS Improvement (NHSI) has placed three more NHS trusts into financial special measures due to “significant concerns” about their finances. The three trusts are:

  • Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; and
  • East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust;

In July 2016, NHS Improvement launched the Financial Special Measures programme as part of the financial reset. The programme provides a quick turnaround package for trusts and foundation trusts which have either not arranged savings targets, or planned to make savings but deviated knowingly from this plan.

The newly added trusts are forecasting a shortfall of over £73 million and have failed to keep up with their agreed savings targets. A recent investigation from NHS Improvement into financial governance at Gloucester shows “very serious failings”.

As part of the financial special measures, the trusts agree to a recovery plan with NHS Improvement. The trusts also receive support from a Financial Improvement Director. The Director can be a specialist in turning around major organisations or a highly experienced present or previous NHS leaders.

According to NHS Improvement, the five trusts which are already in Financial Special Measures are responding very well. It is expected that some of these trusts will be released from special measures in a few months, after they have proved they are delivering their plan and reaching their milestones.

Chief Executive of NHS improvement, Jim Mackey said three trusts that are going into Financial Special Measures are causing major concern. The trusts have agreed saving targets but are a long way from meeting them. The financial performance of these trusts is not good enough so, NHS Improvement is sending these trusts into Financial Special Measures to identify what the problem is and how the problem can be fixed.

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