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Latest Figure Shows 1.7% Rise in Earnings of GP Partners

On 14th September 2016, NHS Digital has published the new official figures of the GPs earnings and expenses for the 2014/15 financial years. The latest data is collected from the detailed study of the earnings and expenses of GP partners from NHS work and private work. The data also calculates income before GMC fees, CQC fees and superannuation costs.  

According to the data from NHS digital, GP partner earnings increased from £99,800 to £101,500 i.e. by 1.7% in 2014/15.  

The data also shows: 

  • GP partners working in a General Medical Services (GMS) contract has a normal taxable income of £98,000 compared to £96,000 in 2013/14, which is an increase of 2.1%.   
  • GP partners working in the Primary Medical Services (PMS) contracts had average revenue of £108,000 compared to £106,800 in 2013/14. It is an increase of 1.2%.  
  • All GPs (including partners and salaried) had an average income of £90,600. It is a minor change on the previous year’s figure of £90,200. 
  • The average income for salaried GPs under both PMS and GMS contract in the UK was £53,600 in 2014/15. It is a decrease of 1.7% on the 2013/14 figures of £54,600. 

The increments by Country is: 

  • 1.9% increase in income of English GP partners  
  • 1.1% increase in Scottish GP partners  
  • 0.3% increase in Welsh GP partners 
  • 2.1% increase in Northern Irish GP partners 

General Practice Committee contracts and regulation subcommittee chair, Dr Robert Morley said that any increase in GPs partner earnings simply reveals the point that there is a decrease in the number of partners out there and increase in the workloads. He further added that we could see huge decrease in profits if the number of GP partners had stayed static. 

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