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A Framework for Action: Personalised Health and Care 2020

A Framework for Action for Personalised Health and Care 2020: Using Data and Technology has published on 13th November 2014 by the National Information Board (NIB). This framework is a set of requirements, proposals and case studies along with the action plans intended to ensure the delivery of digital health and care service by 2020.

NIB created the Framework for Action with incorporation with the NHS England, the Local Government Association, Department of Health (DoH) and other various agencies. The aim of creating the framework is to support health professionals, patients and citizens take advantages of the digital opportunity.  

The use of digitization will help to increase the quality and lessen the cost of health and care services. If the data and technology is used at its best in healthcare, it could provide patients and citizens more control over their health and welfare, empower professional medical careers, reduce administrative burdens and helps support in the development of new medicines and technology.  

According to the framework, all the patient care records will be digital, real-time and interoperable by 2020 and clinicians in primary, urgent and emergency will be paperless by 2018. The framework also stated that, all the individual will be able to view their care records online by 2018 and will be able to write comments on those records by 2020.

The Framework of Action has outlined some series of proposal that aims to

  • Provide discrete health and care choices for everyone
  • Provide accessibility to all the data, information and knowledge to healthcare professional at the time of need
  • Preserve public trust on sharing confidential data
  • Help healthcare professional to make utmost use of data and technology
  • The best use of  tax returns for the investment in technology
  • Focus on life-saving treatments and continuous innovation and growth
  • Provide transparent quality care for patients

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