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A Specialty Training Recruitment Portal- Oriel

The Health Education England introduced a new recruitment portal Oriel to improve quality and efficiency of postgraduate specialty for medicine and dentistry training enrolment in the UK in 2015. It has been the one single source for relevant information and application portal for postgraduate specialty training in the UK. 

The Oriel portal is partnered with the Deloitte and existing two suppliers – Hicom and Konetic to develop an integrated system for applicants and the recruitment officers. Applicants can register, view vacancies, apply, book interviews and assessment centres and receive offers in Oriel while recruitment officers can assess Hicom and Konetic systems for the enrolment process after a login.

Here are some of the collected tips for applicants for postgraduate specialty training recruitment process via Oriel.

 A. Application Process

  • All application are completed on Oriel online recruitment portal: Register with an email to apply for your postgraduate training program
  • Read all the regulation guidance for a successful application process from the Gold Guide. (A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK)
  • Study the need of person specification to confirm you eligibility before applying
  • Recognize the level of competition for the post for which you need to be more flexible while choosing the specialties.
  • Acquaint all part of application form like closing date etc.
  • Keep in mind to reflect person specification requirements while completing the application
  • Make sure your all documents in hand that you need to upload while applying

B. Preparation for the interview

Your Oriel email account will notify you about your interview. Keep checking your account for inbox, as you do not want to miss any interview appointment.

After a successful application, you will be called for an interview. Here are some notes that you will need to keep up for the interview process.

  • After a notification in an Oriel account, make sure you have a note to remind you of your deadline date to book your interview slot online.
  • Communicate with your lead recruiter about any changes to allow you to attend the interview. It will help you to meet your requirements in the interview.
  • Confirm you have all requested original documentation and their copies before you leave your house for the interview such as personal identification and certificates etc. A list of documents will be provided with your invitation to interview. A portfolio of evidence is one of the essential documents that you need to bring at the interview.
  • Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand your interview slot time, as you can prepare yourself for the interview.

C. What next after the training offered?

After a successful interview and various selection criteria, applicants will get offers of available training posts. The specialty’s level of competition and your scores in the interview at selection centres will define your training post. All offers are made through the Oriel portal to the applicants.

  • After an offer you will have 48 hours to decide whether you wish to accept, decline and hold the offer. Offers not responded within the time limit will automatically expire and will be deemed to have been declined
  • One can only hold on to one offer at a time. Your original offer will be declined if you choose to hold a different one.
  • Once you choose to decline an offer, you wont be able to receive further offers of that specialty
  • Applicants can choose to hold an offer (mostly second choice) and can upgrade later in the same specialty.

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