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Automation in Healthcare

Automation is a use of information technology and control system, to lessen human efforts in managing healthcare system. At this age of information technology, automation has aided human race to reach new next level.

The automation with new technologies has already supported banking, retails and other industries in the UK, now healthcare system is moving toward its next level of mechanization.

The automation in health care system improves patient care experience and also provide greater patient safety. Electronic Health Record (EHR) has been in use for many years, nevertheless the UK government has now planned for the Personalized Health and Care 2020 framework. The framework focuses on digitized health care system which is a fully automated plan for better patient care.

Automation can bring the real changes in the healthcare. Here are some benefits of applying automation to healthcare.

Save Time, Labor and Cost

The use of automation in manual repetitive task reduce the cost, save times and need of manual labor which will definitely speed up the production. Addition of automated system will require less employees to get the job done, which means financial saving of the organizations.

Enhanced Quality and Consistency

There is a very less chance of errors in the performance and high quality services with an automation in healthcare system. Automation takes care of activities and helps to provide service in consistent basis. Automation helps in the area of medical records, order entry and decision support which leads to reduction in death, compilations and cost.

Increased predictability of outcomes

In healthcare when both the physician and care provider follow the standardized care path driven by automation, predictable outcomes are expected. When a patient is deviated from recommended care plan to another, automation can help to detect it, so care team can get involved easily.

On-Demand Information

Use of automated system to store information such as patient charts, billing, list of medications etc. make access to the information easier. It will saves time in gathering information that was taken previously and improves the patient facility by minimizing time in patients care.

Access to Data-Driven Insights

The automation provide continuous feedback which leads to performance upgrading and help prevent disease outbreaks.  With automation we can collect and analyze large number of data easily.

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