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BMA calls for seven-day services answers

The BMA council chair Mark Porter has again called for Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to provide a final plan for “Seven-day services” in the NHS. BMA has been asking for an explanation on how and from where human resources and funding for extended services will be collected. The question has not been answered from its launch of “Seven-day service” in the NHS. 

After a civil service documents leakage in the Channel 4 News and the Guardian newspaper, the BMA has came to acknowledge the need of call up Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. 

The BMA has stepped up for the call after civil service documents revealed that MR. Hunt has ignored Department Of Health concerns less on availability of staff and lack of clarity in the plans for ‘seven- day service’. The documents out shown Mr Hunt addressing on the seven-day services has been used to justify imposing a new contract on junior doctors. 

Dr Porter wrote to Mr Hunt to stop attacking junior doctors and misleading patients to justify wrongs in the seven-day services. The BMA has clearly explained many different concerns on how seven-day services would be realistically achieved in the letter.  

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt must stop attacking doctors and misleading patients and finally provide his plan for so-called ‘seven-day services’ in the NHS. 

He added that it was vital that the health secretary commit to constructively engage with the association and doctors to come up with a viable strategy in addressing different challenges faced by the health service. 

The BMA has been asking how NHS services would protect the additional staff and additional costs for stretched and damage done in the services. He accused health secretary for misleading statistics and research being the roadblocks as evidence to the parliament and the press. In addition, GP’s additional seven-day access is debilitating a struggle in delivering current services. 

Last August, the BMA assured to provide answers to seven key questions on the seven-day services plans, financial investments, recruitments and trainings through national press calling on the Government. To date, the Government has only been able to provide one answer on prioritising emergency care within their plans. 

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