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BMA Survey Shows Lack of STP Engagement

According to a British Medical Association (BMA) survey, nearly two-thirds of doctors have seen no clinical or public engagement on sustainability and transformation plans (STPs).

The latest result from the quarterly survey of BMA disclose that 64% of doctors had seen no engagement on the STP process in their area, despite beliefs that all 44 plans would be published by the end of this year. The results also reveal that while seven out of ten doctors are aware of STPs only one in ten doctors supported their introduction, with six in ten doubtful of their position.

The survey figures are likely to create further concern with the absence of engagement on STPs by regional health managers, with the BMA having called for better clarity of the proposed transformations.

In September 2016, a survey of more than 600 London-based doctors was carried out which found that nearly 60% of doctors had not heard of STPs, with about three quarters doctor are unsure on their feelings on the plans.

These findings from the latest survey of BMA show that understanding about STP among doctors is increasing but many are still in the dark of the plan.

The BMA’s third quarterly survey of 2016 that was sent out to 1,000 doctors between 11th October and 1st November presented a range of questions on areas such as workload, morale and work-life balance.

Though 24% said their morale was either very high or high and more than a third of doctors reported their morale levels very low or low. The findings also showed a considerable concern for the health service’s ability to cope with the winter pressure.

The chair of BMA council, Mark Porter said that these figures are reason for serious concern as, while there is an ever-increasing demand for health services across the National Health Service (NHS), this is extremely exacerbated during the winter months.

Currently, the demand is so great that NHS hospitals are facing a year-round crisis, with a lack of available beds preventing the system from coping with a seasonal spike in demand, he added.

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