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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to the learning activities of professionals involved to develop and enhance their capabilities formally and informally. It is an arrangement of methods, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning capabilities to keep practicing in the real world. CPD includes development of your knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors across all area of your professional practice. CPD is a never ending process, it is needed for you in all phase of your medical career, from the beginning of your medical career to its end.

CPD are the fundamentals to improve the standard and abilities of an individual and their profession. It includes different methods of learning such as attending conferences and events, training workshops, best practice techniques, e-learning programs, work experience or involvement in industry discussion groups and idea sharing which focus on improving individual professional development. You can take CPD as a portfolio documentation of your development as a professional.

CPD is an ongoing process which helps you manage your own development by keeping record, reviewing and replicating on what you learn. According to the General Medical Council (GMC), the aim of CPD is to maintain and improve:

  • the quality of care you provide to your patients and public
  • the standards of the teams and the services in which you work.

Why CPD is important?

  • To update your skills and knowledge throughout your professional career. CPD helps you keep up your skills by maintaining the professional standards required for you.
  • CPD has become the most required document for your annual appraisal in order to fulfil the requirement for your doctor and nurse revalidation.
  • To understand the on-going developments in your field.
  • Patient care is the most important, CPD ensures that the patients receive high quality treatment and care.
  • CPD helps you in improving your career opportunities by helping you find your desired field of specialization.

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