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e-Learning Available for NHS Staff

A new online resource - an e-Learning session for healthcare staff has been developed by Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) team. It prepares healthcare staff with the essential information and confidence to raise public concern.

Sir Robert Francis was appointed to carry out an independent review: Freedom to Speak Up by the Secretary of State for Health in reaction to concerns about the culture in the NHS. The review recommended that each NHS organisation should deliver training on the importance of speaking when something goes wrong.

e-Learning educates NHS staff about the usefulness of speaking up and focuses on what support is available. If NHS staff speaks up about the wrongdoing at the beginning then, it can save lives, stop harm and secure organisational status.

To current and future healthcare staff, the e-learning session will act as a supportive resource. It promotes by providing

  • Applicable strategies and techniques
  • Best practice
  • Available support relative to raising concern

Furthermore, in e-Learning session two training and education films have been developed- ‘Raising Concern’ and ‘Responding to Concern’. The purpose of developing these two films is to raise consciousness on the significance of raising concern, building assurance between medical professional on how to do so and equip executives with the understanding, abilities and confidence to react effectively, timely and securely.

These films glance at three situations that highlight complete lessons to be applied elsewhere. Similarly, emphasising the value of raising and responding to concerns and suggestions to additional information.

Later this year, an e-Learning session will be available on the ‘Responding to Concerns.’

You will need to have an e-LfH account for an entry in any e-LfH program. If you haven’t created your e-LfH account then, you can register from here.

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