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EU doctors 'put off applying jobs in UK' after Brexit

Experts said European doctors might put off applying to work in the UK following Britain leaving the EU. They expect it could create negative impact on the workforce finding current uncertainty in the status of EU nationals.

The Royal College of Physician, Professor Jane Decree is concerned about delivering high quality safe care as our healthcare hugely depends on dedicated professionals from Europe and other countries around the world. He said these professionals are feeling anxious and confused on how will they be welcomed after Brexit in the future.

He also pressed in the urgency on reassuring staffs on their needs and values while assuring the resources provided to them to do their jobs. He said it should be done sooner in order to deliver the high quality care and that a patient don’t have to suffer because of it.

Several NHS doctors have spoke of this issue socially. Junaid Masood, Homerton University Hospital posted a picture showing Immigration is “the backbone “ of the NHS while a picture of NHS surgical team who are from different EU states was shared thousand times online.

A new report from Health Foundation showed serious risks to NHS finances because of economic fallout from Brexit. It indicates a £2.8 billion lower NHS budget plan than the current planned budget for 2019-20 after balancing the total of the UK. It concludes the NHS funding shortfall could potentially be high as £28 billion by 2030-31.

The chief executive of the NHS Confederation, Stephen Dalton spoke to a new archive on the matter. He said the EU workforce who are already here have the most concerns on what will happen to Article 50 and the coming two years. He said these people are already planning and thinking for their future, as they won’t wait to find out what happen next.

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