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GPs to do Weekly Care Home Rounds Under New NHS England Plan

NHS England has announced that GP practices around the country will be paired with care homes for carrying out a weekly round.

On 29th September, a report about the NHS England board meeting on a new 'enhanced health in care homes (EHCH)' model was published. The report says, care homes people are not having their requests properly considered and addressed'.

The report also says there should be one-to-one mapping of GP practices to care homes, across the England. Every resident should have a named GP to guarantee complete assessment, problem identification and care planning.

GP Heads are warning that there are not sufficient GPs to carry out this level of better care and it will remove the concept of patient choice.

Currently, six areas are piloting the model and are considering early results of better primary care support, including a decrease in falls, reduced ambulance conveyances, prescribing costs and fewer avoidable admissions', NHS England said.

Speaking at the NHS England board meeting, Ian Dodge, National director of commissioning strategy said NHS England aims to set out a plan for 'national rollout' of the 'EHCH' model later this year.

Dr Andrew Green, GPC clinical and prescribing lead warned that pairing practices with a GP was not in line with the NHS commitment to patient choice.

He said the trouble now is providing the recourses needed, not only in term of money but in terms of staff too. Their 11,000 patient practices has 10 care homes and need another partners to deliver the new plan of NHS England. The workforce implications of this plan make the promised 5000 extra GPs look rather trivial.

A spokesperson added that local areas will have discretion to deliver those services but it does outline some of the services that need to be assigned and the benefits that can be attained as an outcome.

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