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Guidance for NMC Revalidation

Revalidating with the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) is not difficult, you will required to plan and organize for it. Here are some easy steps below for all nurses and midwifes to prepare for the NMC revalidation.

Create an online NMC account

Create a free NMC online account and view your registration details on it.  Your account keeps you updated and alert via email from the NMC and you can find your revalidation date from it. You must create a NMC online account for your revalidation process. You can create your account from NMC Website.                                     

Create a portfolio

You need to create a portfolio of the trainings and courses you have completed in the last three years. Your portfolio can be in any form i.e. in paper and digital format. You can use one-sided A4 sheets or use online revalidation portfolio tool to make your career portfolio.


You are required to complete 450 hours of medical practice in order to renew your license. So, make sure that you have completed 450 hours of practice within three years. And if you are registered both as a nurse and a midwife, then you will need to complete 900 hours of practice over this period.

Record CPD

You must need to complete at least 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration.  So, record your CPD that are relevant to your practice. You must follow the standards set by NMC for nurses and midwifes while recording your CPD.

Collect feedback on practice

You must receive at least 5 pieces of your practice related feedback in the three years prior to the revalidation of your registration. So collect and keep a note of feedback that you receive from colleagues, patients, visitors, service user and other member of the multidisciplinary team.


You are required to produce a reflective account, which have at least five written reflection about your medical practice. Reflecting on your practice shows what you have learnt and your improvements toward your practice. Each reflective account should be relevant to the code of NMC and must show your practice-related feedback you have received.

Third party Confirmation

To revalidate your license, NMC asks for the application confirmed by third party who can be your line manager, another NMC registrant, another health care professional depending upon whom you choose. As a part of the appraisal process, someone else have to confirm that they supports the declaration made by you. Confirmation should be occurred during the final 12 month of your registration period to ensure that the confirmation is recent.

Health and character declaration

You must need to provide a declaration about your health and character. You must declare that you have no any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution. And also, need to show that you are capable of safe and effective practice.

Professional indemnity arrangement

You must need to declare that you have an appropriate cover under an indemnity (insurance) arrangement in place in order to practice. For most of the employees, especially those in NHS employment will be covered by the employer’s public and vicarious liability cover.

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