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HEE Call for Training to Combat Resistance

0n 19th April 2017, the Health Education England (HEE) launched a report and called on employers and healthcare providers to do more to ensure their staff are well trained to responsibly administer and prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of resistant infections.

The HEE survey, combating antimicrobial resistance: educational approaches for the responsible prescribing of antimicrobials, asked 72 CCGs and trusts across the country about their approaches to antibiotic use and how staff were educated about the drugs.

Here are listed some findings from the HEE survey.

  • Half of respondents said that they provided training covering mandatory core requirements for prudent antibiotic use, in addition to introductory sessions on each induction to all prescribers, both medical and non- medical.
  • Less than Half of the respondents said that they provided training to medical prescribers only, and fewer said that they extended this training to cover groups of staff such as clinical staff, pharmacists, nurses and Allied Health Professionals.
  • Less than Half of the respondents said that they were able to confirm that prescribers within their organisations were familiar with and/or provide training that covers the PHE/ARHAI antimicrobial resistance and stewardship competencies.

These findings has led HEE to ask all employers and providers to make sure that training on responsible antibiotic use was put in place for all prescribers of medicine as part of their induction, and that providers should continue to update and support their training throughout their careers.

The Director of Education and Quality at Health Education England, Professor Ged Byrne said that the antimicrobial resistance cannot be eliminated so, HEE can work together to limit its risk to the public and reduce its impact.

It is crucial that prescribers have the right knowledge and skills, to make sure that prescribing interventions are safe and that they deliver the best outcomes for their patients, he added.

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