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Hunt Announces £120M Funding to Fast-track NHS Digital Excellence

Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health has announced new plan to fast track digital excellence and develop the digital skills of the NHS workforce. This new plan has been announced as a part of plans to expand the use of digital technology across the National Health Service (NHS).  

In response to the Bob Wachter Review of NHS technology, Jeremy hunt is establishing 12 new ‘global exemplars' to spread best digital practice and a new academy to train NHS Staff in digital skills.  

The 12 NHS trusts will get funding up to £10 million as global exemplars and is expected to provide pioneering approaches to digital services and support others in the NHS to learn from their practice and experience. These trusts have been selected to become centres of digital excellence. It will be associated with an international organization of their choice in order to take full benefits of their capability. 

In addition to investment in technology and infrastructure, the funding is also used to develop training for staff and support a new generation chief clinical information officers to drive developments in digital technology. In order to host the new NHS digital academy, universities will be invited to train NHS professionals to deliver digital healthcare. 

In august 2016, the funding was initially announced by NHS England with £100m for 10 trusts getting £10m each; but the number has now been raised to 12.  

According to the Jeremy hunt, excellent review of Bob Wachter made it clear that digitisation is much about people as it is technology. It is a real opportunity to develop patient care for the long term. NHS wants to fast track current digital excellence, develop new skills and knowledge which is needed to provide a new digitised services.   

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