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Mental health services falter

The British Medical Association community care committee chair Dr Gary Wannan warns ministers for relentless mental health problems due to the shortfall in services for patients with psychoses in many parts of the NHS.  

According to the EIP standards, patients experiencing their first episodes of psychoses or “at-risk mental states” must receive specialist treatment within two weeks of referral. But data obtained under Freedom of Information laws showed negligence on the responsibility to put these services in place and having wronged in funding at the recommended rates.  

Dr Wannan recommended that an early intervention is the best cure for patients, their families, employers and wider society. He intervened that the Government must check CCGs and considerable funding used by them. He said this a wake-up call for the Government to make sure that mental health priorities are into action. 

Following the warning, NHS spokesperson said the early intervention services for patients with psychosis were commissioned as part of wide range of local mental health services. The NHS was increasing the funds by 10% so that more patients could be treated within the two weeks of referral from the April of next year. The extended cover will treat at least 6 out of 10 patients by April 2021. 

Restricted Offer 

A quarter of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are restricting those services to patient under the age of 36. According to official guidance, the early intervention service should only be offered to patients between the ages of 14 to 65. 

One third of CCG were unable to respond on how they are spending on EIP this year. They reveal the average cost of treatment is far below the estimated costs recommended by the NHS England. In an average, the cost is just over £5,000, which is below the recommended rates of £8,250 by the NHS.  

Liberal Democrat spokesperson Norman Lamb said the data shown are an historic inequality between how physical and mental health are treated in the NHS. He supported the fact that the negligent approach in the mental health services should meet a similar outrage. 

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