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New GMC Guidance to help medical students

A new guidance for UK medical students has been published by the Medical Schools Council (MSC) and the General Medical Council (GMC). The new guidance will helps medical students understand what is necessary for them to be a good doctor while they graduate from the university.

The GMC new guidance is based on the GMC’s core ethical guidance for doctors, Good medical practice. It provides help with practical guidelines for medical students in applying the professional values to their studies, settlements and time outside of medical school.

Some of the professional standards described in new guidance are about the patient privacy and behaving appropriately on social media by the medical students.

Medical students are requested to:

  • Identify the parameters of their capability and inquire for help if needed
  • Be straightforward for unknown things
  • Show anxieties about the security, dignity and wellbeing of patient
  • Safeguard patient recognizable information
  • Provide information about any health condition that can disturb their studies and request for help from their medical school.
  • Make use of social media only to show their opinion, not to act in an insulting manner to other users.

For medical students, the GMC and MSC want the new guidance to be a companion while they study. In 2017, an e-book version of the guidance will be available for the medical students.

To help medical school and university staff the GMC and MSC also published an additional piece of guidance to administer and assist students whose professional performance or health becomes a reason for worry.

From 1st September 2016 when the new academic year starts, both sets of guidance will come into force.

Chairman of the GMC, Professor Terence Stephenson said that student life is an exciting time and GMC wants medical students to enjoy themselves while becoming doctor.

He further added that studies and placements of medical students are different from other students. They will have interaction with patients and publics who can be physically and psychologically vulnerable. Due to this and also to maintain trusts with public, medical students have to show superior standards of professional performance inside and outside of medical school.

He also said that medical schools plays an important role in providing opportunities to learn, understand and practise the standards expected from medical students. The GMC new guidance will support them in providing supervision, pastoral care and extra help which student may need.

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