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New Health Coalition Intent to Guarantee Status of EU Staff

The Cavendish Coalition is a newly formed coalition of health and social care organisations. It has been created to ensure sustainable workforce supply and to maintain the standards of care after the Britain leaves the EU.  

The coalition consists of 29 health and social care representative bodies, including the RCN, Unison, NHS Employers, the Royal College of Midwives, Care England, the Registered Nursing Home Association, UKHCA, British Medical Council and many more.  

The coalitions aims to assist leading Bretix discussions with the knowledge, evidence and expertise necessary on issues affecting the health and care workforce. The Cavendish Coalition will be a combined voice which influences and lobbies on post-EU vote matters that affect the social care and health workforce.  

The coalition emphasised that it is “united in its belief” that EU citizens employed in the UK’s health and social care sector should remain in the Country. It has made following commitments to protect the workforce required to uphold quality in health and social care: 

  • It will create training and employment opportunities to support economic and social health of the UK’s communities.  
  •  It will promote employment policy and practice that guarantees that the UK continues to be able to attract vital skills to work in health and social care.   
  • It will seek certainty for those EU citizens already employed in the UK health and social care sectors will have the right to remain in the UK. 

Chief Executive of NHS Employers, Danny Mortimer said that this new coalition will be a shared voice which will work together to make sure continuing quality in health and social care post-EU referendum. NHS Employers would deliver a focal point for arrangement with NHS arms-length bodies and regulators and government departments on the workforce matters arising from the Bretix vote. 

RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary, Janet Davies said that the first importance will be given to guarantee the future of committed EU staff working in health and social care services of the UK. 

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