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New Measures to Support the NHS Workforce

On 30th November 2016, Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health has announced a range of new measures aimed at supporting the NHS workforce.

Speaking at the NHS Providers conference in Birmingham, Mr Hunt announced a number of workforce-related measures. The measures focus on career progression, leadership, motivation, morale, doctors in training and flexible working in the NHS.

Here are listed some key announcements made by the Health Secretary.

  • All trusts must meet the best practice on e-rostering, as outlined in NHS Improvement’s best practice guide by the end of 2017.               
  • A new programme and review to motivate more clinicians to go into senior managerial roles.
  • Improvement of a ‘skills escalator’ to advance staff through entry-level apprenticeships to a nursing degree apprenticeship.
  • A major review of the assessment and appraisal process for junior doctors, to make it simpler and more helpful.

Other announcements include Career progression, Leadership and Doctors in Training.

Career progression

  • A new degree-level nursing apprenticeship standard has been approved by the Department of Education. The employers can offer the new nursing degree apprenticeship to new or existing staff from September 2017.
  • Next year the government will consult on whether the physician associate role should also be regulated or not.
  • Mr Hunt has written to the NMC chair to seek agreement to regulate nursing associates, with work starting as soon as possible on the necessary legislation.
  • Work continues on the improvement of the apprenticeship standard for the new nursing associate role.


  • As part of a fast-track development programme, the NHS Leadership Academy is to send thirty students every year to top universities of the world such as Yale.
  • HEE will double the number of places on the graduate management scheme from 2018.
  • The NHS will associate with British universities to offer an NHS MBA for senior NHS professionals, with the first students joining in September 2017.

Doctors in Training

  • New HEE plans will improve training and rotations to help couples who have caring responsibilities or who are training.
  • £10m funding will be made available to help HEE implement new programmes with the Universities to support doctors returning to training after maternity leave and approved time out.
  • HEE will work with the Royal College of Surgeons, BMA and a number of hospitals to study whether a modern ‘firm’ structure might better support trainees.

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