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New Report Focuses to Make General Practice Nursing a Top Career Destination

On 8th March 2017, the Health Education England (HEE) published a new report about improving training available in GP practice settings and increasing the profile of the role to retain and develop the general practice nursing workforce.

The general practice nursing workforce development plan sets out a range of measures to increase numbers of general practice nurses and make the role “a top career destination”.

The chair of the general practice workforce group, Dr Peter Lane FRCGP is very pleased to lead the important piece of work and use his experience and knowledge to help tackle some of the challenges faced.

He said the highly skilled general practice nursing workforce provides an essential high standard of care to their local populations and are precious members of primary care teams.

The new report provides clear guidance and steps that can be taken to advance GPN recruitment and maintenance, and inspire nurses to return to the profession by setting out how best to react to the current and anticipated workforce challenges at both strategic and local levels, he added.

Here are listed key recommendations from new report:

  • Raising the profile of general practice nursing, to increase the acceptance of the role as a first-destination career
  • Improving training facility for the general practice nurse workforce by offering access to accredited training to train them for each level of their role
  • Developing GPN educator roles to cover all CCG areas
  • A national ‘return to practice’ education programme which includes a general practice mentorship, placement and appropriate support to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements for ‘return to practice’.

Health Education England director of nursing and deputy director of education and quality, Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt welcomed the new report and said that it is very important to understand the pivotal role that general practice nurses play in providing care to patients up and down the country.

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