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New Standards Launched by GMC to Boost Flexibility in Doctors’ Training

The General Medical Council (GMC) has launched a new standards to make postgraduate training more flexible for doctors on 22nd May 2017.

The new standards is detailed in a document called ‘Excellence by design: standards for postgraduate curricula’, which provide a framework for the approval and provision of postgraduate medical education and training in the UK.

Medical Colleges including the RCGP and faculties must make sure that all 103 existing postgraduate medical curricula are updated to meet the requirements outlined in the new GMC standards by 2020. The GMC will approve each curriculum before it’s delivered to doctors.

The GMC, which oversees medical education and training in each of the four UK countries, says that it expects a small number of medical colleges and faculties to seek approval for new curricula during 2017.

The chief executive of the GMC, Charlie Massey said that the vision of the GMC for postgraduate training is to supports the aspirations and commitment of today’s medical professionals to help them meet the needs of patients and the services they receive.

Massey added that the new standard will support greater flexibility in postgraduate training. It will give doctors more freedom and choice as their interests in medicine develop, while at the same time meeting the changing patterns in the health needs of patients, ensuring they receive high quality care. The new standards will also shift the focus of postgraduate training towards helping doctors achieve high-level learning outcomes.

Colleges and faculties have started to work together to identify aspects of training that are similar to, or depend on, content from other specialties. The GMC has also published Generic professional capabilities (GPC) framework that is integral to the new standards for postgraduate curricula.

The GPC framework covers the broader areas of professional practice, such as communication and team working which is necessary for doctors to provide high quality care. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the GMC have jointly produced explanatory guidance to help royal colleges integrate GPC into their updated curricula.

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