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NHS 7 Day Service

Prime Minister David Cameron announced a plan for "truly 7 day NHS” service by 2020 in March 2015. According to him, millions of patients will be benefited from this plan. The government and the National Health Service (NHS) will be committed to work together for the 7 day NHS services which will be available in all hospitals by 2020.

According to the plan, all hospitals will be properly staffed for the patients care with high level of standard care even on Saturdays and Sundays. All patients will be able to get proper care and will also be able to book GP appointments in the weekends also. Those patients who need urgent care will be able to contact NHS 111 and in response NHS will need to arrange GP or other appropriate health professional at all times i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NHS services 7 days a week forum has already started its work which focus on emergency health care services in 2013. The forum has stated that patients should get urgent and emergency care service with the supporting diagnostic service based on the 10 clinical standards.

Researches has shown negative variation in the outcomes of admitted patients in the hospitals at weekends. National medical director, Bruce Keogh, and his colleagues at NHS England has developed 10 clinical standards for every hospital trust in order to end variation in healthcare. The standards are a part of implementation in seven days service 2020.

The forum believes that standards will support NHS to improve the clinical outcomes and patient experience. Some hospital trusts are following the top four priority clinical standards set by the forum. They are

  • Patients should be reviewed by consultant within the 14 hours of the patient’s first admission.
  • 7-day access to a range of diagnostics for inpatients.
  • An access to a range of key interventions for inpatients.
  • Serious patients must be seen and reviewed twice, daily by a consultant.

All the hospitals are expected to meet these four priority standards by 2016-2017. NHS England is working on 7 day service which is based on these four priority standards. It targets to provide an accessibility to acute hospitals for 25% of the population and enhanced access to primary care for 20% of the population by March 2017.

The 7 day access for patients to hospitals and GP services will improve the reliability of patients care at all times. It will also help to improve the flow of patients in hospitals and the huge pressure of patients on Monday. The NHS's goal is to roll out same level of care in 7 day services in hospitals to its 100% of population by 2020.

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