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NHS CPP launches National Clinical Staffing Framework

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (NHS CPP) launched National Staffing Framework supporting compliance with NHS Improvement’s caps on agency pay and charge rates. The NHS has been fighting to control the spiraling agency staffing costs for long time. The framework went live on 8th of August. 

The framework will give access to NHS organization to fully audit and independent agencies that has met the criteria for cost effective supplement of quality staff. This new framework will also facilitate recruiting permanent positions in the NHS and is also pledged to replace about to expire first national NHS framework for supplying nursing and nursing-related staffs. 

NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership with the other four procurement hubs – NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS London Procurement Partnership has provided not-for profit solutions for the national issue. The four NHS hubs have consulted NHS HR Directors, Staff Bank Managers and procurement specialist from across the NHS to develop the framework. The framework has been working closely with NHS Improvement and many agencies to tailor the framework around recent guidelines.   

Chief Executive of NHS Commercial Solutions and sponsor said the new clinical staffing framework is fully comprehensive and Trusts should be confident enough to employ high quality agency staff to better patients care. He said the framework includes independent auditing of agencies, a flexible transparent pricing mechanism which flex even if NHS Improvement changes rates. It sure ensures a fully compliant recruitment process with the UK and EU legislation. 

He confirms the expenditure goes through this framework on agency staff will be reinvested in the NHS. And the four hubs will be available fully to support organisations to access the framework. 

Options to supply under the framework 

The framework includes three lots of supply models. Each lot is open with a selection tool for the NHS and public bodies to choose. Users will be able to select the job role they need to fill, review potential suppliers and its criteria. 

Audits –to maintain the quality of agencies and staffs they supply to the NHS 

The National Clinical Staffing Framework features critical requirement includes agencies to be evaluated by an independent auditor commissioned by the NHS CPP every year. The audit with involves inspection of temporary workers files in relevance to identity, work training, professional qualifications, registrations and criminal track records. The results of recent file audits will be available for review by the NHS organisations. The framework will run for 2 years.  

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