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NHS Digital Endorses “Every Nurse An E-Nurse” Campaign

On 21st August, NHS Digital has launched its first ever e-nursing week in support of the campaign to re-educate the National Health Service workforce for a digital future.

It has also endorsed the Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) campaign “Every nurse an e-nurse”, and has promised to play a supporting role in recognising its ambition.

NHS Digital said that it is going to focus on different aspects of e-nursing, including use of technology at patient’s bedsides, digital security, data sharing and the role of apps and wearables.

NHS Digital, the national provider of information, data and IT systems for commissioners, analysts and clinicians in health and social care estimates that in many settings nurses provide 80% of patient care and they are often the clinicians controlling the way in using latest technology, and creating innovative ways of improving care using new digital tools.

Technology such as electronic observations, e-medicines and electronic patient records can play a major part in getting better outcomes, experiences and use of resources.

The chief nurse of NHS Digital, Anne Cooper said that the RCN is absolutely right to be placing such a priority on guaranteeing nurses across the NHS have the tools, skills and resources they need to make the best use of technology and act as effective e-nurses.

She further added that NHS Digital’s products and services are helping to transform many of the facets of nursing, midwifery and care across the country.

The chief executive and general secretary of the RCN, Janet Davies said the college is “pleased to be working with NHS Digital for the benefit of the whole nursing workforce, and their patients”.

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