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NHS Digital to Expand Cyber Security Service

Speaking at the Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester, Public Health and Innovation Minister, Nicola Blackwood has announced NHS Digital’s plan to expand the CareCERT Cyber security service.  

In November 2015, Care Computer Emergency Response Team (CareCERT) was launched by NHS Digital. It helps health and care organisations to advance their cyber security. This programme provides advice and guidance about digital threats and cyber security best practice.  

NHS Digital is launching 3 cyber security services created by the organisation’s cyber security arm, CareCERT. The services includes:  

  • CareCERT Knowledge- It is an e-learning portal, which is designed to help health and care organisations train their staff in “cyber security basics” and secure the patient information. NHS Digital and Health Education England (HEE) worked together to develop content for the e-learning portal.  
  • CareCERT Assure- This service is designed to help organisations assess their local cyber security measures against the standards set by industry. It will also provide suggestions on how organisation can advance their data security measures and lessen vulnerabilities. 
  • CareCERT React- It is a support service that will provide professional advice and guidance on the actions to reduce the impact of data security incidents and support organisations to recover and fix security as soon as possible.  It will also provide extra information about CareCERT advisories where required. 

These services will be rolled out to the NHS health and care organisations. The testing on these new three services will start from September.  

NHS Digital chief executive, Andy Williams said that the new CareCERT services are designed to improve digital security across health and care organisations. In health and care, good digital security is key to all roles. NHS digital wants to work with many organisations and is looking for feedback from them in order to develop and test services according to organisations’ particular needs. 

According to the Nicola Blackwood the CareCERT Knowledge, Assure and React services will help around 1.3m NHS staff and also help increase their understanding and knowledge. It will also assist organisations improve their defences and protect valuable patient information safe. If any worst thing occurs then the service will help organisations react as fast as possible. 

Blackwood added that she would motivate all health and care organisation to sign up to CareCERT and make the best use of this valuable resource.  

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