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NHS England Announces £101 Million of New Funding for New Care Model Vanguards

On 15th December 2016, the National Health Service (NHS) England has announced a £101 million of new funding to support and spread the work of the new care model vanguards.

Fifty vanguards were selected in between January and September 2015. The vanguards are partnerships of NHS, Health Education England, NHS Improvement, Care Quality Commission, local government, community, voluntary and other organisations that are executing plans to advance the healthcare people receive, save funds and prevent ill health. The vanguards take a main lead on the growth of new care models, which will act as the blueprints for the NHS moving forward and the motivation to the rest of the health and care system.

In 2015, the vanguards were launched and since then it has made considerable progress such as reducing pressure on busy GP and A&E services.

In addition to £101 million of new funding, the vanguards will continue to get support from NHS England and other national bodies to implement their plans, including how they harness latest technology including apps and shared computer systems. The vanguards are also getting help to improve their workforce so that it is organised around patients and their local people.

The Director of the New Care Models Programme, Samantha Jones said that the vanguards are making great development and have previously made a noticeable impact on the lives of patients and the working lives of the staff. For the vanguards, the year 2017/18 is a crucial, in particular how they further increase their work across the wider NHS and care services. This new funding, as well as the support the director’ s offer to them, will support vanguards to continue to move at pace.

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