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NHS England in Talks About Bursaries for Practice Managers

NHS England is “in discussions” with the Practice Management Network (PMN) for offering student bursaries to current and future practice managers. The student bursaries is to attract more student into the profession and educate them to work as part of larger federations. 

According to the potential scheme of NHS England, practice managers will be given better educational opportunities to improve their skills and facilitate them to work as a part of new models of care, which will provide both primary and secondary care. 

The bursaries will help current practice managers as well as students who are just leaving their school and are considering joining a vocational career path.  

Co-chair of the Practice Management Network, Steve Williams told that the bursaries would fund students in 2 programmes: a new level 5 “advanced practice manager programme” and existing level 2 practice manager programme.  

The new programme will provide practice managers the knowledge to work on a superior federated working model. It allows graduate students to apply for positions in NHS England, Clinical commissioning groups and GP federations.  

The bursaries plan is a part of plans defined earlier this year in the GP Forward view. The plan included £6 million for extra training of GP practice managers to make them better at their job. NHS England has yet not released detail of how the £6 million will be spent in practice manager development programme. Although, Head of General Practice Development at NHS England, Dr Robert Varnham has told that more details will be available in the next two to three months. He also said that NHS wanted to do something separately just for practice managers and professionals and is currently working with PMN to plan something just for them.  

According to the Steve Williams, it is still undecided that the funding would come whether through Health Education England (HEE) or NHS England. He said that a half million pound investment is sufficient to produce 1,000 qualified practice managers every year.  

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