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NHS England Started Mental Illness Programme

The NHS England has kick started a new program to help an extra 30,000 new or expectant mums with serious mental illness each year. The launch started with a £5m Perinatal Community Services Development Fund for high quality care for severe and complex conditioned pregnant women. A recent data found, only less than 15% of women finds the services recommended in the national guidelines whereas, 40% of them gets no services at all. This program hopes to close the wide gaps in the availability of high quality care for mentally ill women.  

The Perinatal Community Services Development Fund provides care and support to women with mental illness in pregnancy or postnatal period. They suppose to respond crisis, decrease risks to mothers and their babies and offer after care in an inpatient stay unit.  

Annually, the perinatal mental ill health costs estimates around £1.8 billion for each birth cohort and around £10,000 per birth. The data also records that one in five women experience mental ill health during pregnancy or after birth. Such illness includes conditions of depression, anxiety and some cases of post-partum psychosis. Suicide has been the second leading cause of maternal death after cardiovascular disease in the UK. 

The Program of around £365m has been allocated for the next five years for the specialist perinatal mental health services. The program estimates to treat more than 30,000 more women each year by 2021. Local systems will be able to request for funding up to three years as the funding will increase to £15m next year and £40m in 2018. They will need to submit proposals on increasing accessibility and quality improvement that must be evidence based.  

The NHS Trusts, CCGs and Sustainability and Transformation (STP) can also submit such proposal with detailed plans to improve services and measure outcomes. They must either widen the reach of their services or improve resources to help more people. It’s a plus one if proposals are explicit and creational which could provide additional care to more number of women and how they can attain adequately trained specialists. They must also deliver the sustainable best treatments and outcomes for women and their families. 

The funding is available for 2016/17 and 2018/19 with no maximum or minimum bid. For 2019/20, funds will be mainstreamed into CCG allocations.  

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