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NHS Revealed Maternity Service Revamp

On 21st July a new plan to improve maternity services have been announced by NHS England. As initial adopters, NHS England is looking on different local areas to test a mixture defined in the programme. These will play a main role in achieving fast in local area maternity services and their understanding will cover the way for national roll-out of initiatives.

Establishment of Local Maternity System will develop local change which makes sure that women and their babies are safe and have more personalised care that suits the requirements of the local society.

Currently, the Maternity Transformation Programme has recognised nine working areas to take onward execution of the suggestions set out in the report of the Better Births- the national maternity review. The areas includes:

  • Supporting local transformation
  • Advancing good practice for securer care
  • Expanding choice and personalisation
  • Improving entry to perinatal mental health facility
  • Converting the workforce
  • Sharing data and information
  • Controlling technology
  • Restructuring the payment system
  • Improving prevention

In order to make the change foreseen in Better Births a reality, NHS England is working together with different organisations including Health Education England, Public Health England, Department of Health, NHS Improvement, RCM and other Royal colleges.  

Sarah-Jane Marsh, the newly appointed chair of Maternity Transformation Board has called for action and association across NHS maternity services.

She believed that pregnancy is special and unique and every mother, baby deserves the very best care. Better Births have given a powerful blueprint to them. It helps them to move towards safer; more personalised maternity services to every women and baby that relies on them.

Ms Marsh further added that Maternity Transformation Board have already recognised 7 parts of the country that will discoverer choice and personalisation. Presently, board is calling on more local areas to play an important role in providing the objective by testing new methods to maternity services across the England.

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