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NHS to Use Private Firms to Beat the Winter Crisis

According to the Leaked memos, NHS hospitals have been told to pass on some scheduled surgery to the private sector clinics to ease a potential winter crisis in the NHS Hospitals.

Health Officials have also ordered NHS hospitals to discharge thousand of patents in a bid to decrease record levels of crowding and the managers have been prohibited from stating “black alerts”, which is the highest level alert used when hospitals are unable to handle the demand of patient healthcare.

All these instructions were revealed in a memo sent by National Health Service (NHS) England and the regulator NHS Improvement to the NHS hospitals. It comes as NHS chiefs struggle to bring bed occupancy levels down to a safe level of 85%.

Before the Christmas, hospitals are being ordered to “increase elective activity” using the independent sector and schemes that pay NHS consultants lucrative overtime rates. Last year the organisation recorded the highest deficit in its history and schemes in the independent sector can pay consultants rates of up to £1,000.

The chair of British Medical Association (BMA) council, Dr Mark Porter said the highest deficit is an evidence of an over-stressed healthcare system that the government failed to properly fund. The government must outsource patient care to private providers to manage the predictable patient demand.

He further added that the unmanageable pressure in the NHS has been made worse by cuts to social care provision. Now, it’s the time to take the blinkers off by the government and provide sustainable funding and increased staffing to safeguard the long-term future of the NHS.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron said the NHS needs more funding from the government. Using the private sector like this will only runs down the NHS and will cost the taxpayer more in the long run.

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