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NHS Wales Extends GP Records Access

On 21st November 2016, the Welsh Government has announced that more hospital doctors and pharmacists across Wales will now have better access to the electronic GP records of Welsh patients.

The NHS Wales Informatics Service, which collects, stores and analyses and presents national data and statistical information for NHS Wales has developed a National Intelligent Integrated Audit Solution (NIIAS). The creation of NIIAS is to make patient record access safe and secure across the health service of wales.  

The changes in the access to patient record means that the NHS Wales Informatics Service will make a summary from a patient’s GP record available electronically for planned patient care settings and outpatient appointments. Previously, the summary care record was available only to the doctors and pharmacists in emergency care settings such as A & E, urgent care centres etc.

GP leaders said that the health boards and trusts have guaranteed that the expansion of access to summary GP records would be safe and secure. The trusts will monitor the record using the NIIAS system.

The health secretary of Welsh, Vaughan Gething said the changes means vital information of patient is now available anytime. It helps to improve the capability of healthcare professionals to provide securer care mainly in patients' medicines management.

The medical director of NHS Wales Informatics Service, Rhidian Hurle said strict controls are in place to make sure that patient info is protected. Every time a patient’s record is opened via the secure database, an auditable log will be made.

He further added that the extended GP Record access has made it easier for medical professional to deliver safe care. It save time of medical professional in getting the correct information about the patients they are caring for and let them more time to focus on patients’ needs. It is a win-win for patients and professionals alike. 

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