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NHS Whistleblowers 'Gagged and Blacklisted', says Petition Group

A group of doctors, staff and patients has warned that NHS whistleblowers face being “fired, gagged and blacklisted” while confessions go uninvestigated due to the healthcare manager's lack of powers and resources. The group has criticised the Care Quality Commission for being “low value” and has called for radical change in health service regulation.

The group has exposed huge shortcoming and said the Care Quality Commission had failed to detect poor care and power since it replaced the Healthcare Commission in 2009. In a letter to the Times, the group exposed the shortcomings and also mentioned an example where an investigation of a foundation trust cost £273,900 but failed to spot hundreds of uninvestigated deaths.

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Sir Mike Richards said the Care Quality Commission takes concerns raised by the staff and patients and the Hospitals chief takes appropriate action. Here are some act performed by hospitals chief:

  • Raising concerns with the provider,
  • Carrying out or bringing forward an inspection
  • Alerting another organisation, including the police

The group said the Care Quality Commission protests that it has no powers to inspect individual cases. Most of the patients, whistleblowers and bereaved relatives are totally frustrated that revelations to the Care Quality Commission have not resulted in change. On the contrary, if National Health Service (NHS) staff whistleblow, then they may still be fired, gagged and blacklisted.

Sir Robert Francis QC, a non-executive director of the Care Quality Commission said that the watchdog had to do more to safeguard whistleblowers, in his report into failings at Mid Staffs.

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