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NMC Announces New OSCE Test Centre

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has announced a new test centre for checking the competence (OSCE test) of nurses and midwives trained outside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) test is a form of performance-based testing often used in health sciences to measure the candidates’ clinical competence. In this test, applicants are observed and evaluated with a series of process in which they interview, examine and treat standardised patients (SP) who present with some type of medical problem.

The OSCE test is designed to test clinical skill, performance and competence in skills such as communication, medical procedures / prescription, clinical examination, exercise prescription, radiographic positioning, joint mobilisation / manipulation techniques, radiographic image evaluation, interpretation of results and many more.

At Oxford Brookes University, the NMC introduced a New OSCE. From December 2016, Oxford Brookes University, which has sites in Oxford and Swindon, will start taking booking for the OSCE test. The new test centre will increase capacity, leading to shorter waiting times, and improve flexibility with the choice of location to take the test.

The existing OSCE test centre was opened in 2014 at University of Northampton and increased its capacity in 2016 to meet demand. The University of Northampton will continue to offer the OSCE and a third UK test centre is also likely to be begun in early 2017.

Overseas Nurses and midwives must successfully take a two-part test of competence, in order to join the NMC’s register. The first part of the test is a computer-based and can be taken anywhere in the world. If successful, then candidates must take the second part of the test i.e. OSCE in the UK.

The chief executive and registrar of NMC, Jackie Smith, said the new test centre will help to make sure that those nurses and midwives with the right skills and knowledge can join the NMC register in a timely way.

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