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No immediate changes for higher education after Brexit vote - UK Government

The Minister of States for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson reaffirmed the current arrangements for EU students and nationals in the UK. Johnson promised a no immediate changes to all EU nationals who are studying and working in UK universities as well as those UK nationals doing the same in EU.

In his statement,he said the EU and international students is an important contributor to the world-class universities and research partners of the UK. Thus, it needs big discussions with the European partners and should be represented fully for its betterment.

The UK universities have questioned on various impacts of the UK leaving EU on higher education in Britain. They shared a particular concern over changes to immigration laws, the implication of changes of EU university grants, UK’s membership of Erasmus+ and the Horizon 2020 research unit.

The EU student and staff status

As the Prime Minister and Minister of States of University and Science stated, there will be no immediate changes for studying and working for both British living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK. There will be no immediate changes to any of the visa policies for EU citizens who want to come in the UK for any relevant purpose.

EU Nationals and student finance in England

EU students currently studying, or enrolled on or about to enrol from coming years will see no change to their funding, loans and grants approved by the Students Loans Company. The EU students can grab information on the eligibility criteria, residency rules and other information at ‘EU Nationals and Student Finance in England’. The Master’s Loans are still available to eligible EU students.


The British leaving the EU referendum will not affect UK students studying in the EU. The students can fully enjoy all the beneficiaries of Erasmus+ even those who are applying next year. The existing UK students in the EU are subject to continue the same current arrangements in next academic year.

Horizon 2020 research funding

The statement also signifies to no immediate effect on those participating and applying to Horizon 2020. The state parties like UK researchers and businesses can apply to the programme in the usual way.

The BREXIT impacts on higher education and research will be a part of the UK’s future discussion on its membership. Log on to our Recruitment Synergy’s website for more of its updates and clarity.