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Nursing Associate Curriculum Framework Launched

On 17th November 2016, Health Education England (HEE) has launched its curriculum framework for the new Nursing Associate (NA) role. This new national curriculum framework is pertinent to all those involved in planning, designing and delivering Level 5 Nursing Associate education and training programmes.

The Nursing Associates Role will bridge the gap between the health & care support workers, offering opportunities for health care assistants to progress into nursing roles. This exciting Nursing Associates role can provide a benefit to the nursing and care staff across a range of settings and play a vital role in the delivery of patient care with safety.     

Trainee Nursing Associates will work under the direction of fully qualified Registered Nurses (RNs) and will be able to undertake some of the duties and functions of RN. It allows the nurses to spend more time on assessment and care related with complex patient needs. It also advances the treatments knowing that a well-educated and trained nursing associate is properly supporting their patient.

Chief Nursing Officer for England, Professor Jane Cummings said that the introduction of Nursing Associates is a positive and welcome step. The eleven test sites providing the first training programmes will inform the competencies needed and the scope of the Nursing Associate role.

The Director of Nursing and Deputy Director of Education and Quality at Health Education England, Professor Lisa Bayliss Pratt said that the Nursing Associates role will be a main part of the multi-disciplinary workforce that is needed to respond to the future needs of patients. The new Nursing Associates will be trained to work independently under both the indirect and direct supervision of the registered nurse.

In the next few weeks, the first Nursing Associates students will be welcomed by HEE. Eleven sites have been already chosen to provide the first wave of training that will run over a 2-year period.

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