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RCGP Assigns 29 GP 'ambassadors' to Advance Forward View

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has assigned 29 Regional ambassadors for the support in implementation of 108 proposal defined in NHS England's GP Forward View.

The college said that general practice will be represented on the recently founded Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP) boards across the England by the regional ambassadors. It is key to making decisions about the NHS at a local level.

According to the RCGP, the roles of the regional ambassadors will be:

  • Increasing the investment in general practice at a local level
  • Tracking development
  • Ensuring that GPs have a incredibly strong voice in the GP Forward View across England
  • Assisting the complete college monitor progress

Chair of RCGP, Dr Maureen Baker said that the GP Forward View is a support for GP, at a time when the GP are struggling with growing patient request, falling resources and not sufficient GPs and practice staff. Although there are many work to do in order to ensure the delivery of the objectives set out in the GP Forward view.

He further added that at a local level most of this work will take place and it is extremely important that STPs have a tough local voice on their boards connecting them straight to primary care. The network of new Regional Ambassadors will offer a well-versed GP perception something that is all repeatedly ignored.

Regional Ambassador and a salaried inner-city GP in Leeds, Dr Kirsty Baldwin said that the GP Forward View denotes an enthusing and inspiring opportunity for all GPs. All regional ambassadors are Frontline GPs and as an ambassador they will be creating the maximum of local skill to make sure that the agreements in the GP forward view are conveyed and the outcomes are handled on the ground.

You can find a full list of the Regional Ambassadors and their related STP Footprint from here.

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