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Retention of EU nationals is ‘critical’ important

A report published by the Think Tank the institute of public policy research has recommended eligibility for citizenship of indefinite right to remain for all EU staff working under the NHS to help avert a potential collapse in healthcare services following the Brexit.  

The report Becoming One of Us debates on the continuity of EU nationals to remain and work in the UK’ NHS is of critical importance. The report confirms around 55,000 EU nationals working under the NHS, which is 5% of total workforce. It says the EU workforce is one in 10 in UK’s registered doctors in the UK. 

The report affirms NHS collapse mainly the public health if they seek employment somewhere else other than the NHS. The EU nationals should be able to apply for British Citizenship who works for the NHS even as a locum.  Those who do not wish to take up British Citizenship would still be able for indefinite leave to remain as the EU residents. 

Further more the report also suggests the Brexit voting has created uncertainty for the future of EU nationals living and working in the UK leading to adverse affect on the public healthcare service in the NHS. 

The BMA council chair Mark Porter spoke out on the recommendations as well. He said it is very necessary to safeguard the ability of EU staff contributing to health and medicine, as they are vital for the NHS and patients.   

He said the Brexit has created a considerable confusion and uncertainty on the England’ economy, society and public institutions including the NHS.  While one should find the existing financial and structural pressures to clear view the status of EU nationals to work and live in the UK. Such lack of clarity is also hindering to find the sustainable solutions for current challenges.  

He alleged that the Government and ministers who advocated to Brexit have a responsibility to patients, doctors and the NHS to ensure health service and their staffs are prioritised in the negotiations.  

'This offer should be organised by the regional NHS and mental health trusts, who for writing to all NHS EU national staffs to inform them of their eligibility. 

Moreover the retention should be organised by the regional NHS and mental health trusts to inform NHS employed EU national eligibility to work and live in the UK. A range of information and support for the doctors and the NHS is available in BMA’s website. 

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