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Revalidation of Doctor

Revalidation is the process where licensed doctors are required to demonstrate that they are up-to-date and fit to practice in their medical profession to the General Medical Council (GMC). Revalidation is based on continuous evaluation of your medical practice, based on the GMC’s core guidance for doctors, Good medical practice. 

All licensed doctors must revalidate their license in every five years to keep practicing in the UK. You must meet all the professional requirements set by GMC and the specialist’s standard set by the medical Royal colleges and faculties to hold a license to keep practicing in the UK.

The aim of revalidation is to increase the patient’s and public confidence that their doctors are regularly checked by their employer and the GMC. Revalidation helps to improve the quality of patient care and check whether the doctors are up-to-date and fit for medical practice.

Annual Appraisal

Annual appraisal is a compulsory document required to revalidate your license. You must need to participate in an annual appraisal which focuses and covers all of your medical practice. If you are practicing in more than one organization, your appraisal must cover all the practice places. Revalidation should be done in every five years but you will need to complete your appraisal each year within the five years.

Supporting information

For successful appraisal and revalidation, GMC will require your documented proof of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  You will also require to collect supporting information to show you are following the professional values and principals set by GMC. Supporting information such as feedback from patients, your colleagues, review of complaints and compliments, quality improvement activity, significant events etc. are expected to be provided and discussed in the appraisal.

Responsible officer

Responsible officers are those who recommends you to GMC for revalidation of your license. Responsible officers helps you with your revalidation by providing support in CPD and clinical government systems.

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