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Royal Colleges Call for Bigger Investment in NHS Workforce From Next Government

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has called on the next government to put patient care at the centre of the Brexit negotiations.

A major health group has released a four-point plan to keep patient care at the forefront of the political debate in anticipation of the UK’s General Election, which is going to take place on 8th June.

The RCP has drawn up the manifesto, ‘Keeping patients at the heart of the NHS’ which states 4 key points that politicians of all parties should bear in mind as they prepare the strategies that they hope will see them elected in General Election. The key points include:

  • Placing patients at the centre of Brexit negotiations,
  • Investing in the NHS workforce, with the recruitment of more doctors, better training and the promotion of new roles such as physician associates
  • New financial settlement for the NHS and social care that meets growing demand, and better investment in public health through supporting people to live healthier lives.
  • Protect the right of the NHS workers from Europe to remain in the UK, and develop a clear plan for staffing the NHS and social care in the long-term.

Professor Jane Dacre, the president of RCP said that new government comes with a new opportunity to make sure the National Health Service (NHS) has sufficient resources, people and services to provide excellent care to patients.

She further added that Patients must be at the centre of decisions made on healthcare provision, and that includes serious consideration of the implications of Brexit on patient care.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) also called on the next government to increase the numbers of emergency doctors. Emergency Medicine physician training positions should be added by 250 places per annum for four years. And 2,200 new consultants are required overall in Emergency Departments in England to achieve safe and sustainable staffing levels.

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