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Seven-day services “impossible” to deliver

NHS providers has cleared out the fact that the government’s plan to expand seven-day services will not comprehend with existing level of resources. The thought of impossibility in delivering the services are echoing in consistent calls from BMA when former Prime Minister David Cameron announced “truly seven-day NHS” last year.  

The British Medical Association has been calling up for answers to ministers via newspapers and interviews regarding the expansion of services and its affect on staffing and funds, given the existing crisis in NHS resources. 

Chief Executive of NHS Providers Chris Hopson told in an interview, that funding for existing services was not keeping pace with increasing demand. Currently, the organisation employees 900,000 staffs in its acute, mental health, community and ambulance services. He said that the current level of staff and the money available is deemed to ‘impossible’ deliver of the seven-day services even though Jeremy Hunt had a strong case for seven-day services.  

NHS Providers confirms that the chairs and chief executive of these Trusts and Hospitals are confronting the situation clear and wise, that they cannot provide the right quality of care and meet the performance standards on given funds.  

 The latest quarterly monitoring report from the King’s Fund also highlights the mismatch of accelerating demand and staffing shortages and Trusts are struggling to cope with it.  The report has been drawn from the feedback of Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Trust Finance directors of acute, community, mental health and ambulance Trusts dated between 7 July and 1 August this year.  

The reports also summarised the survey done in 74 Trusts. The survey staged the increase of attendances admissions at emergency department by 4.2% compared to last year, same period that is around 161,000 more attendances. Such increment led 47% of 74 Trusts to predict the end of financial year in the red.  

BMA Council Chair Mark Porter said NHS hospitals are being forced to shut down or limit access to vital services like paediatrics and emergency care due to prolonged understaffing. Nevertheless, the government is trying to force through junior doctor contract leading to more workforce crisis. 

Moreover the government seems to have no real solution to funding crisis. The NHS needs a long-term plan and enough funding to deliver the seven-day care.   

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