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The NHS - Challenges

National Health Service of the UK is the oldest publicly funded healthcare system in the world. The NHS is free at the point of use for all UK residents. Collectively, the term “NHS” refers to all four systems of its countries of the UK. Ir provides its services to a population of 54.3 million with 1.5 million workforces. It stands as one of the top five world’s largest workforces in the world.

The NHS surface with huge pressures and big challenges at all times to keep it up itself. It is always in a critical transformation for better health care services for people’s lives and its success. Here we have some of the major challenges facing NHS of the UK.

An aging population

As the long-held healthcare, NHS has cured millions and millions of lives. Meanwhile, people are living longer and but, with more illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases. Estimating the aging population in the coming years, NHS need more service resources like more number of doctors, staffs and equipment. It outlines the need of on going treatment and care.

The lifestyle choices

The way people live these days are poor, they drink, smoke, eat junk and exercise less. These are the major reason to get ill and needing the medication, which is increasing the problem on its own. They have evolved new healthcare needs such as the increase in obesity and diabetes patient and patients’ resistance to the medication etc. urging more complex and advance healthcare services at the rising cost.

Advancement in medicine and technology

Advancements in the medicine and surgery with IT and technological innovations set modern NHS save up lots of lives. Though, the progress costs NHS considerable cost of around £10bn per year.

Changing healthcare perspective

Originally, it was just curing diseases. Now, people are health conscious on every way possible in all circumstances and seek more than just cure. The fast and efficient processing of medication, advices and appointments has people less vulnerable to health hazards. This progress to more living days, higher birth rates and lower infant mortality rate.

Rising Costs

The on-going financial crisis, rising cost of services, increasing need of workforces and supplies for the swelling population infers more investments in the NHS. This is the major challenge of the NHS hexing for an economic catastrophe in coming years.

The Digitization and Automation in Patient Care 2020, General Practice Forward View and other longstanding campaigns seeks a massive investment plans alongside the uncertain political influence, puts a huge pressures and debts for the NHS. If only the NHS seeks no change by 2020, it estimates a funding gap of £30 billion.

The long hauling NHS years, has faced many more challenges since its establishment. It still stands as the beloved foundation, as the reassuring healthcare source for many and as the inspirational working place for years to come.

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