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Tips for choosing recruitment agency

Recruitment agency are an intermediate between an organizations looking for hiring someone and the individuals searching for the job. The main task of recruitment agency is to provide appropriate person to fulfill the job vacancy announced by those organizations for a job vacancy.

At some point of your career, you may need to use a recruitment agency. It is important to ensure that your recruitment agency has well represented you to the employers. Choosing a right recruitment agency will add great significance to your recruitment process so, here are few tips you should consider while choosing a recruitment agency.

Understands your business needs

Choose a recruitment company that works in the industry you need. They can understand your job and will deliver faster with more efficient results. By choosing only those recruitment company which matches your area of specialization can give you a better chance of succeed in your job. For example, if you are looking for a job in medical career, then find a recruitment agency that works on medical recruitment because only they can have right expertize on it.

Do homework

Make a list of recruitment agencies, which work in the industry that you are looking for a job. Do some homework and find out information about their activity, expertise, sector they have covered, types of job they offers etc. You can take information from their websites also.

Ask for guarantees

Most of the recruitment agency offers a guarantee, to make sure that you feel confident with your decision to use the service. You must do research whether the recruitment company have replacement guarantees or not, in case if the hire doesn’t work out, you’re protected for next time.

Ask for references

It will be good, if you find out some references from the previous client and know about the service provided by the recruitment agency.


Check out how long the agency is in the business, have they worked in your particular industry and  what are their pre-recruitment background, etc. should be considered to check whether they have a proven track record of success or not.

Check license

You must check whether the recruitment company is licensed by the department of trade and industry or not. Every recruitment company must be licensed in the UK to provide the recruitment service. So, make sure the recruitment company you choose is licensed.

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