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Tips for Your Perfect Medical CV

Curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that express your education, professional history, job qualification, experience and the achievement you have made. CVs are valued and taken as vital component as it is a gateway to your qualifications and experiences. The most important thing to be considered while preparing your medical CV is that it must include all required qualifications and experiences posted by the hiring company.

While preparing a CV, try making it relevant, clear and concise for your employer which will give you the highest chances of getting selected on your desired job. Here are some selected tips to be considered while preparing your medical CV.


Always keep in mind that spacing, structure and the layout of your entire CV should be organized similar from start to end. Make sure you use the same font for your entire CV. The most preferred fonts used for CV are Times New Roman and Arial.

Avoid solid blocks of text

It is good to present your information like achievements and experiences in bullet points rather than making a paragraph. The aim of a good CV is to make your reader understand what you have achieved and decide whether you are suitable for the vacant post or not.

Make your CV reader friendly

Try to make your CV reader friendly as much as possible. The recruiters and employers should be able to understand your resume and point out important things about you. Also, include white spaces in between headings and paragraphs as needed.

Keep your CV short and direct

Your CV must be no longer then 2-3 pages. To make it short and direct just include the information that are relevant to the post you are going to apply.

Always update your CV

When you get new experiences and skills don’t forget to update it in your resume. We recommended that your CV should be updated in every three months.

Do not fabricate your CV

In CV you should only include the information that are true. Including lies in your CV can get you through trouble later.  

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