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Top 5 Locum Misconceptions and truth behind it

A locum is a medical practitioner who temporarily covers duties of an absent doctor or supplements during the peak seasons. Medical practitioners who don't have experience working as locum may see it as an unusual choice. However, the truth is large number of doctors choose locum job at some point of their careers in order to increase income, broaden experience or to introduce some flexibility in daily routines.

Working as locum can give huge range of opportunities to medical practitioners but also there are some common misconception that physicians do not want to work as a locum tenens. Here are some common misconception about working as a locum tenens and the truth behind them.

I can’t take locum assignment if I have a full-time position or practice

This conception is totally wrong. You can work beside your regular job in your holidays or do some extra shifts if you like. You are free to do locum job whenever you want. Locum is fast and easy way to earn extra money to pay off school debt, increase your savings, fulfill your financial goals etc.   

locum tenens job is too unpredictable and demanding

By working as a locum you can define and create your own work life schedule. Locum job gives you the freedom and flexibility to work in short or long term assignment, based on your personal preference. The beauty of working as a locum is you can choose your shifts and schedule giving your more time with your family and friends. You can also choose to travel around at your free time if you like.

locum jobs doesn’t build a strong CV or credentials

Locum work will help you gain experience in varied settings. It can be used to make a CV in a way which you cannot simply get from working in a single position in a regular job. New medical graduates who work as a locum are preferred for placement and fellowship than the others, while also building an impressive CV.

Locum tenens can’t build relationships with their patients

It’s not true. When you work as a locum, you can fully focus on your patients and their healthcare because you don’t have to deal with hospital politics and administrative issues. And you can choose to take regular assignments at the same location and develop a long lasting relationship with your patients. 

Working locum tenens doesn’t provide a consistent income

Locum can easily find work in their specialty. If you have specialized skills you will always be in high demand. You are paid on an hourly rate and have an opportunity to choose your own shifts. Your earnings from a locum job depends upon the number of hours you worked.

All these misconceptions are totally wrong, we welcome you to come and work through us and find the truth yourself.

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