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Top 5 Medical Apps for Nurse

Nowadays, the use of tablets and other mobile devices is changing the way healthcare professional access medical information and incorporate with patients. There is no doubt that medical field has changed drastically in the way it acquire information with the arrival of medical apps. Medical apps are easy to download and available in a wide variety of phones and tablets.  

The usage of mobile device by healthcare professional has transformed many aspects of clinical practice. Numerous apps are available in the store to assist health care professional with many important task such as information management, clinical decision making, communication and consulting, patient management and monitoring, reference and information gathering, health record maintenance and access, medical education and many more.

There are many apps available for the nurses but you should chose those apps which best suits your needs and preferences rather than downloading multiple applications. Here are some best medical apps for nurses that will help you in your workplace.

Nursing Central

Nursing central is the primary source of disease, drug, test information and procedure for nurses and nursing students. It is a mobile app that gives you an access to a database of 5000 drugs, around 65,000 medical definition, hundreds of laboratory and diagnostic tests and latest disease information in your mobile phone. You can also use it to search MEDLINE/ PubMed database.

Nursing Central provides the facility of delivering nursing journals with table of contents directly to your mobile phones. All in all this app provides everything that a nurse need and is recommended as the must have app for nurses and nursing student.

Code Happy

Code happy is a social networking tool for nurses and nursing students. Nurses and their peers gain and share viewpoint on a different types of nursing topics from residency rounds to passing exams in this app.

Code happy is available in both iOS and Android and it is free to use.  Social networking is very important to nurses in order to get better job, advance current job, and learn best practice and many more.

RN Notes

RN Notes provide quick reference and updated clinically focused nursing information at your fingertips for better patient care. You can find answer confronted in clinical rotations via browsing or searching, review clinical findings, quick read information with full color images and figures, understand details of ECG, lab values, priority interventions and more.

You can make custom notes and highlights within entries and provide convenient tables and charts for finding information quickly. The new third edition of RN notes helps students to prepare for the NCLEX examination by indicating topic covered on the exam.         

Nursing Dictionary

Nursing dictionary is a medical dictionary app specifically for nurses. You can access to more than 56,000 medical terms, 4,000 entries on medication and 9,000 images all from authoritative source.  It is easier and faster to use than google search. This app can help you find clear, detailed definition of medical terminology right on your fingertips.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide

Nurse’s pocket guide helps to create effective nursing care plans and correct nursing diagnoses directly at the bedside. It provides all the necessary information about the signs and symptoms of medical conditions, nursing diagnoses and develop appropriate plans of patients care. 

All the diagnosis listing includes definition, related factors, characteristics, actions/interventions, documentation guidelines and many more. It also includes NIC and NOC labels for each diagnosis. You can search for symptoms, recommendation and interventions on the basis of nursing priority.  

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