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Top 6 Mistakes Candidates Make on Their CV

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a summary of a person's experience and qualification which is usually prepared for job applications. A good resume quickly and briefly introduce your qualification and experiences to your potential employee. It will demonstrate your suitability for the job.

Recruitment agencies often ask for your CV to be submitted at the time of registration so they could send it to the employers companies who are seeking for your kind of skills.

Having a perfect CV will increase your chances to get your desired job. But most of the candidates make simple mistakes in their CV which lessen the chance of getting their desired job. So, here are some common mistakes candidate make in their resume and its solutions to avoid them.

  • Including inappropriate personal information

Normally, recruiters spend very little time on your personal details. So, it is irrelevant to include personal information like your religion, political preferences, height, weight, hobbies, your social life etc. in your resume. You just include the personal details that are appropriate such as name, address, age, sex, marital status etc.

Recruiters don’t have time to read through the details of your personal life. So, even if you are qualified for the job, you may find your application rejected. Therefore, include the personal details which are relevant to your work profile.

  • Poor spelling and grammar

It is one of the big mistakes often found in CV. Candidates make their own assumption on grammar and spelling, and send it to the recruiters. If your resume is not grammatically perfect and have a poor spelling, then recruiter will look at you as a slack and no one would like to hire such careless person. So, before sending your CV, check spelling and grammar thoroughly. Ask your friends, colleagues or an English graduate to check it over for you if you are not 100% confident. 

  • Improper fonts and colors

When choosing your resume font, make use of simple font which is easy to read. The most preferred fonts in CV are Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana at font size of 10 or 12. Do not use any colors, backgrounds, ornate borders, crazy font and other crazy formatting in the CV.

You should use same front throughout your resume and make use of bullets point which will make the document easy to scan and more likely to catch somebody’s eye. 

  • Not explaining gaps

If you have any gap in your career then it is better to explain it in your CV. The reason can be anything like travel, study, volunteering, time off to look after the children etc. just write a line or two to explain the gap. If your gap is not properly explained, then recruiters may jump to other candidate.

  • Fake information

Do not make any false claims and include lies in your CV. If you lie about things and found out, then you will awfully lose chances of getting the job. So, be honest and include the information that are real. Also, try to avoid unverifiable information that could hold a grudge against your earlier employers. 

  • Improper email addresses

Research shows that 76% of the CVs are ignored because of the improper e-mail address which expresses a lack of professionalism. E-mail addresses like lazysod@..., cutegal @... are good when you communicate with your friends, but not for your potential employers. So, make use of those e-mail address id which sound professional in your CV.

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