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Using Digital Channels in Outpatient Settings - NHS Improvement

The NHS Improvement launched digital outpatient initiative program as a part of the King’s Fund Digital Congress on 6th July 2016. The program was introduced as a part of intensive year of improvement which focuses on shared learning of providers.

At the launch, 60 NHS providers participated to set a vision and opportunities aimed to achieve a step to change for patient care in outpatient settings using digital channels.

The launch introduced some of the best innovative digital approaches already being used to deliver outpatient care. NHS provider appeared enthusiastic towards using those clinically and financially compelling digital channels in their outpatient care.

The digital outpatient initiative aims to:

  • Support clinicians and managers to identify opportunities together with patients
  • Develop and refine these opportunities using agile techniques
  • Support fast and reliable solutions to the frontline
  • Share those proven solutions across provider

Interactive Workshop

On July 24th, NHS Improvement held the first “problem identification workshop” at inspiring improvement conference at the Helix Centre. The workshop resulted in an immediate engagement with smaller providers in each region. The smaller number of providers (4 or 5) was selected on a basis of their commitment to work with the NHS Improvement on site within the outpatient service. The work aims to explore different digital change opportunities and its benefits in the outpatient areas from a discovery research exercise.

NHS Improvement will return to wider workshops regionally later for the initial findings. Providers will be able to engage and collaborate in both workshops of the discovery research.

NHS Improvement assures regular updates on the programs with details of upcoming events and continuing improvements and post regular updates resulting in a big picture. You can find more updates on using digital channels in outpatient settings in the NHS Improvement website.

You can also visit our blog page for more updates and information on the NHS and UK's healthcare system.

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