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Who is entitled for free NHS hospital treatment?

The National Health Service (NHS) is a public healthcare system for the UK. Anyone who is considered to be an “ordinarily resident” in the UK is entitled to have free NHS hospital treatment in all over the UK.

Ordinarily resident is a common law concept, which is the subject of a judgement in the House of Lords in 1982.  If you are in the UK for 6 month or more than that period of time, you can get free hospital treatment under NHS.

If you are permanent residence and currently living in the UK on a settled basis then you should provide a documentary evidence in order to get free NHS treatment.

People who do not normally live in the country but have a nationality of the UK or have past and present payment of UK taxes and National Insurance Contribution are not entitled for the free NHS treatment. To be entitled one most ordinarily lives there.   

If you are involved in employment with a company whose business is in the UK or is registered in the UK then you must show evidence of actual working to be entitled for free NHS treatment. If you are self-employed, then you must show that your principle place of business is in the UK.

Another way to be entitled to free hospital treatment is when you are pursuing a full time course of study for six months duration or more in the UK then you will be qualified for NHS treatment from the beginning of your stay like anyone who is ordinarily resident in the UK. If you have your family member with you as your dependent not as visitors in the country then they will also be entitled to NHS treatment.

Refugees and asylum seekers who have made formal application to the Home office which have not been determined are also considered for entitlement of the free treatment. 

Some of the hospital treatment services is free for everyone as needed, which includes

  • Emergency treatment given inside an Accident and Emergency department
  • Compulsory psychiatric treatment
  • Treatment for certain infectious diseases such as meningitis, cholera, tuberculosis, pandemic influenza and malaria.
  • Testing for the HIV virus
  • Family planning (which does not include pregnancy termination)

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