How We Work

Create your profile

To have a well-crafted profile is vital for any recruitment process. So, at first we will create a profile based on the details provided in your resume.

Identify your job matching standards

Our main concern is to better understand your requirements and your motivation in order to decide your priorities in finding a job. We specify your criteria according to the preferences, location, rates, availability etc.

Besides CV we may need other documents such as your university diploma, specialist degree and probably a language certificate at this stage.

Send application to the employers

Healthcare settings that meet your preferred criteria will be chosen to send your application. After your application is send, it may take some time to get response from the employers because several people will view your CV before making decision to invite you to an interview.

Handle the Formalities

Once your interview is completed, we will handle all the formalities for recognition of professional qualifications and guide you for the preparation of documents in order to proceeds very quickly.